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One of the largest poultry slaughterhouse in the world, built by H. Seabra (August 2014)

Located in Venezuela, the Purolomo Slaughterhouse – one of the largest in the world, with a 21.000 birds/hour slaughter capacity and a 30Ton/hour freezing capacity will go through an expansion project, in the area of Cold and Industrial Air Conditioning by the company H. Seabra.

Having completed the first phase of the project that includes a 9000 birds/hour slaughter capacity, the Seabra Group’s company was yet again chosen as Purolomo’s business partner for the execution of the second phase which includes a new 12.000 birds/hour capacity slaughter line. This new expansion project contemplates the complete water cooling system for poultry cooling and also the air conditioning of all workplaces.

The full client’s satisfaction through this business partnership and our experience in this particular area, as well as the technical support in the conception and the exemplary after-sales service in Venezuela, with local support teams, have resulted in this new demonstration of confidence.

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